Your Ideas

We start by talking with you about your ideas and your business. That way we know we are all on the same page.

Goals Setting

Once we understand your ideas, we will discuss and create measurable goals that are attainable for your project. These goals will allow us to measure the success of the project and will keep us on the right path during development.



With your defined goals and ideas, we will develop and implement a strategy that works for you and your organization.


Using everything we have gathered so far we will start the design process. We will work on imaging, color schemes, layouts, calls to action, and other methods to engage and draw in your target audience.


Coding and Development

We will code your website using WordPress as the backend Content Management System (CMS). This gives us a significant amount of flexibility and power when developing your website.


This is the hardest part of the development process. We have found that clients often struggle with writing about their own business. But don't worry, we can help. We can use existing marketing materials, brainstorming sessions, and other methods to develop meaningful content for your project. We will add the content to your website, brochures, marketing materials, and more.


Social Media

We will create your social media accounts if you haven't done so already. We will design them with a color scheme that matches your website and tie them into your brand. Even if you don't use the social media account, it is better to register it for brand protection.

Brand Development

Brand development generally occurs throughout the whole process. Logo design, color schemes, and other elements are determined early in the process. However, there are many other aspects to brand development including letterhead, promotional material, and more that can be completed at almost anytime during the project.



With a comprehensive brand design, properly registered social media account, and completed copy, we can publish your project. This may be as simple as updating the DNS for a website, marking a social media account as visible, and/or sending out an email newsletter or snail-mail mailing.

Analytics & Review

We're not done once the project has been published. We review the performance of your project to make sure the stated goals are being met. If they aren't we tweak and make corrections as necessary to streamline your companies funnels. Don't know what a funnel is? Don't worry, we will discuss that too.


Support & Maintenance

We offer hosting and maintenance packages to make sure that your project stays up-to-date, secure, and fresh. Packages include coding updates, content updates, and so much more. We can offer as little or as much support as you need as you grow your business or organization.


Our proposals are fixed price so there is no charge to discuss your project or ideas. We know you are excited about your project and we want to share in your excitement.


Don't just take our word for it

After wasting far too much time and money on a non functional website, we decided to give Ryan and his staff at Click Harder a chance. Wow, we are so happy we did! They transformed our previously overpriced website into a sleek and interactive URL at a bargain of a price. Our patients love our new site and our business has grown as a result. We can't thank Ryan and his staff enough for their amazing job!
Christopher F.